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Jacque Greenleaf jacque at book-woman.net
Mon Dec 28 16:40:52 EST 2009

On Dec 28, 2009, at 10:16 AM, Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:

> If there is a difference of political agenda, RW or Lib that is hard  
> to
> tell when you look at the content of the forums. Some posts there  
> are as
> bad as it gets across the Web.

Oh yah. But the topics that would point up the very real differences  
are usually not in homesteading forums. Libertarians despise all  
government - most RW would be happy with a very strong government as  
long as it enforced their social values.

A side note - I used to be active in political circles in Oregon. I'll  
never forget the comment of a national Dem organizer who came to  
Oregon to help with a presidential campaign - he said Oregonians just  
thought they were Rs or Ds - we were all really libertarians. There's  
quite a bit of truth to that.

> They would gain more visitors (and ad and subscription revenue) than
> they would lose by eliminating entirely all that insufferable  
> political
> ranting; that would be easy to do with stated policy and enforced OT
> rules, a quick solution, become apolitical, i.e. about homesteading
> exclusively.

My impression has always been that the BHM editors do not censor their  
article and letter writers or ad placers. Once in a while you will see  
comments from community-oriented, more wholistic folks in the  
magazine. I think that if, for instance, Lawrence London were to  
submit an article on the basic permaculture methods of food forestry,  
it would stand a good chance of being accepted.

And here we come to the real nub of why I am even spending time  
writing about this issue, and asking you to spend your time reading  
what I have to say. Remember the first public reaction to the bank  
bailout? It was from the public gut, and it was resoundingly negative,  
from all parts of the political spectrum. So where is that reaction  
today, while our new government, just like the old one, is still  
making sure bankers get in the lifeboats first, before the women and  
children in steerage. In my opinion, it got lost when everyone  
remembered what political line they subscribed to, and resumed their  
usual daily demonization of THEM. The bankers like that just fine.

We are all in the habit of only hanging around with the choir.  
Granted, it can be no fun at all to volunteer to be a target. But we  
need to talk across the lines more often.

I'm done now! ;-)

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