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Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Mon Dec 28 15:00:44 EST 2009

paul wheaton wrote:
> I have been active in HT since day 1.  They used to be the forums for
> countryside mag.
> I have to say that I like the forums.  But you should be prepared for
> the mentality of "if you ain't using roundup, you're doing it all
> wrong."  And the forums appear to be managed by a clique of rather
> hostile, rather conservative folks.  They do openly crush opinions
> alternate to their own.  There are a lot of regulars at permies.com
> that used to be regulars at HT.
> I subscribe to BHM:  there's a lot of good articles in there.  Real
> meaty stuff.  And there are a lot of bits I skip over.

Thanks for the interesting feedback, Paul. Countryside magazine, like 
Mother Earth News, Country Journal, Horticulture, Fine Gardening, and 
Harrowsmith were all excellent but few survived.

I am beginning to see that there is a real need for good forums for
market farmers, homesteaders, permaculturists, gardeners and small
and large diversified family farms, so it is good to find the worthwhile 
resources in those that exist for the benefit of people in those groups.

It will probably be worthwhile to tap the resources in this pc list, 
permies homessteading forum and Homesteading Today to
find what you need and find out what others are doing as homesteaders.

One thing for sure is that at permies, HT and here you will find scores 
of links to fascinating, valuable resources across the Web, especially 
blogs. Folks seem to like blogs for a web presence for their homestead, 
market farm, shop, crafts, cooking and farm. They fill them with long 
essays, galleries of pictures and videos. Google's array of apps 
offerings to bloggers are extensive, colorful, useful, integrated and 
interactive. It is amazing what you will find. For a good example see:
down home at The Hennery

Google offers:
custom search engines
blog search engines
RSS feeds
adsense & monetize (you can derive a monthly income from Google ads)
and much more

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