[permaculture] Homesteading forum

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Mon Dec 28 13:16:00 EST 2009

Jacque Greenleaf wrote:
> I've been reading Backwoods Home for years, at the library. Lots of  
> good practical stuff, I just shrug off the stuff that raises my  
> eyebrows.
> BTW, the publishers are libertarian, not right-wing. Couple of years  
> ago, they ran a several-issue series entitled "The Coming American  
> Dictatorship" and the authors - including the editor/publisher -  were  
> clear that the dictatorship would come from the right.

If there is a difference of political agenda, RW or Lib that is hard to 
tell when you look at the content of the forums. Some posts there are as 
bad as it gets across the Web.

They would gain more visitors (and ad and subscription revenue) than 
they would lose by eliminating entirely all that insufferable political
ranting; that would be easy to do with stated policy and enforced OT 
rules, a quick solution, become apolitical, i.e. about homesteading

I bought backwoods home at the newsstand for a while and it was good, 
like a mother earth news clone but quit as soon as the political crap 
began to appear regularly, the signal to noise ratio dropped too far.

> The same folks publish Backyard Poultry, a very good magazine.

No point in wasting two good magazines on people more interested in 
politics than surviving on a homestead.

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