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Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Mon Dec 28 05:56:22 EST 2009

Keith Johnson wrote:
> Just found...
> http://www.homesteadingtoday.com/

There are some good features and feedback there, if you can avoid the 
right wing drivel. You would be a lot better off creating your own 
homesteading at PC Activist forums and inviting people to participate. 
You can include and emphasize urban (permaculture) homesteading there.
As our in-house guru on that subject, Tripp, says, its  a happening thing.

Their primary homesteading forum:
  for homesteading topics.
Homesteading Questions (1 Viewing)
Sponsored by Backwoods Home Magazine.
Ex.: in Homesteading Questions
Topic: Just watched Food inc. mortified!
Reply: Between that one and 'Supersize me" I might never eat again.
Reply from Arabian Knight:
  That is just as one sided as Inconvenient Truth~!!!'
Which BTW is produced by the same people~!!!
nope after seeing Al Gores one sided views on things this is is just 
another of the same..........
As I go out today and get myself a big Mac for afternoon snack, and then 
go to WM to get some more food stuffs after being cooped up for a few 
days because of the snow storm.
- Want Change? Vote for anybody other then a Democrat in 2010 and 2012
All I needed to know that is was produced by the same people that did 
Inconvenient Truth and THAT is a one sided nightmare that it is so one 
sided many are calling for Al G. to give back his "Oscar". Enough said.

That site has backwoods home magazine as a major sponsor, typical right 
wing propaganda mill, ultimately anti-environment corporate $$$ oriented 
and sponsored.
BH Example: "Abandoning the Constitution!"
BH wants you to know that they are the source from which all good things 
flow and that without them and their informed guidance you'll wind up a 
pawn of the Left helping convert the US to a Socialist state. They have 
a pattern, start with guns then move on to religion, narrow patriotic 
agenda, anti-environment, global warming deniers, anti-60's/70's and 
back-to-the-land movement, anti-gay, anti-pro choice, racism, you know 
the drill. Those dittohead wannabees, refueled daily by each sermon from 
Rush, can be counted on to hover around rural forums disrupting, 
propagandizing and proselytizing while others just want to learn 
something through polite, respectful discourse. They are little more 
than a divisive influence on public forums serving a real need, with 
agent provocateur elements, well funded by right-oriented corporate 
entities. This is just the kind of thing that is useful to Monsanto and 
other corporations with similar economic and political goals. Those 
types will usually persist until they dominate or coopt forums they 
involve themselves with.

So, instead of HT/BH create your own and fill up up with good info
from people really interested in the topic, who need the information 

Paul Wheaton's permies.com homesteading forum
is another excellent option:


Along with this pc list that forum has the most useful discussion I have 
seen so far in the forum-blog world. Its about content and community
with no agenda overhead to have to contend with.

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