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Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Wed Dec 23 21:55:03 EST 2009

Tripp Tibbetts wrote:
> Sounds like quite a menagerie!
> I miss the cardinals.
> Keep nourishing, Lawrence!

More every year. I have not heard the whipporwills
for a long time, nor the bobwhites (same as doves?),
less owls, less doves. Probably development, deforestration,
pesticides, gmo's, offroading morons etc., less natural wegetation
and weed diversity, less wildlife food is probably a big factor,
emerging dominance of certain invasive species or lopsided balance of 
existing ones as the more fragile may have lost food source, habitat.
Atmospheric pollution and drought may also be a factor to consider.

I catch nearly all the water that falls on my property that doesn't stay 
in the gardens or fallow fields in three small ponds strategically 
located. The water is nutrient rich and grows cattails, duckweed and 
shoreline annual and perennial weeds, some pollen sources. There is a
weed cover that returns each year surrounding the ponds. I have a frog 
population you would not believe, at least four types and toads.
You can hear them in these recordings made at night, insects also, 
crickets and cicadas:
Index of /ecolandtech/venaurafarm/frogs-in-ponds



Dragonflies, aquatic insects, beneficial insects (ladybugs and praying 
mantis) and a horde of all colors, shapes and sizes of alternative 
pollinators. I have recorded some of their sounds in summer.

The recordings were made with a little inexpensive hand held Olympus 
solid state digital with stereo microphone.

Here's a pic of duckweed in a small pool growing with other aquatic plants:
And the rock dust I used to remineralize my gardens:
You can see it in a pile and on rows to be turned into raised beds
And a close up of the volcanic tuff rock dust, the finest grit of any I 
have used:

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