[permaculture] Permaculture Design Courses and their value in learning Permaculture.

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Wed Dec 23 19:13:27 EST 2009

I have never taken a PD course, only a weekend workshop
offering several courses plus field trips for brainstorming solutions to 
problems at sites we visited. This was a completely new thing to do,
not a gardeners or farmers meeting but a permaculture event to enlighten 
us to what it was all about. That lit the fire in me to learn more
aand embrace permaculture as the ingenious umbrella discpline that is 
it, encompassing horticulture, site preparation, all aspects of farming,
constuction, renewable energy and community skills and a way of thinking 
about you own life and lifestyle.

After reading all the comments about PD curriculula and the standards at 
the core of permaculture and being previously in doubt whether I had any 
need for a PD course, I am now convinced that yes, I do need that and 
yes, it is essential for anyone seriously interested in pursuing 
permaculture in their lives.

I'd like to give a big thumbs up to all those who venture into the field 
of offering this coursework to new students and others already familiar 
with permaculture who know that the learning process never ends.

I think that is easy to see why it is important that PD instructors
have the necessary training themselves, are certified and have had work 
and field experience. Farmers aren't required to have training but they
do have to meet strict standards and are government regulated. The 
permaculture movement should willingly be self policing and self 
regulating. Those involved should want to do this and feel enriched by 
the process, thats positive feedback in action.


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