[permaculture] Permaculture wikis & making a major impact

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Wed Dec 23 16:45:52 EST 2009

christophe mckeon gonzalez de leon wrote:
>> ... the ability for every participating wiki to
>> link/access every piece of information in every particiating web
>> resource and do it transparently. Go to any one of them and you are at
>> all of them at once. This is the way it works.
> yeah i think this is the ideal to strive for. i don't think
> it's how it actually works in practice at the moment though.
> it could be largely automated with semantic linked data

Could you share any insights on how that can and may well be 
implemented? Is there anything out there we can all use now;
maybe something to enhance our respective wikis
or is whole new wiki software required, i.e. some future version of 
MediaWiki or a completely new and different software web application?
Or can you create a plugin or individual app to run alongside a wiki
(like on ibiblio, Wordpress, BB Press, SMF), interlinked with that wiki?

"the bioinformatics, biomedical and bioengineering communities are all
early adopters of semantic technologies because they are trying to
manage massive complexity. aside from the ethical nature of
permaculture, at base it is about managing complexity through design.
let's not let the bioengineers reep all the rewards of semantic
technologies, i really believe they are the right fit for a
permaculture knowledge-base."

You talk about the early adopters. Is there any way we can avail 
ourselves of this new technology now, using the web apps we are 
currently using or migrating to new software platforms. To be sure 
ibiblio is current with this technology. They would be a good host for 
an experimental project. I have been talking with them about utilizing 
new student interns to help me with several installations I want to do 
there. My plans are to get MediaWiki, SMF, BBPress and Wordpress 
installed and all linked together with the blog as the portal.
Than I can invite others to collaborate as admins, area admins and editors.

There are certainly some stick complex issues at ground level regarding 
who can access what in a Wiki when you are a globally reached resource
and have people from every country wanting to submit input into a new or 
existing data area about their region, village or farm. I guess each 
system, each paricipating wiki needs to be able to accomodate creation 
of data areas representing every country, not just their own country or 
bioregion. This is something I would like to see, rice farming 
homesteaders writing about their farming region with descriptions and 
pictures of their tools, sites and methods.

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