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Yes it s.... Umm, it's sick. It should be a real shot-in-the-arm for market growth in urban edible landscaping, I *hope*.

IMO, also the lack of nutrition in conventionally-farmed food should pretty quick come under scrutiny. Shortly after that standard farming practices for conventional agriculture in the USA should pretty quick come under discussion. I'm looking forward to that scrutiny and discussion, and I hope it happens. 

I have wondered why there has been no mention of Codex Alimentarius here.

I can tell you that most working folks in the USA seem to have absolutely no idea why they should be concerned about the Codex. They don't even know what it is; I think that's horrendous. However, most folks have pooh-poohed my own concern when I've brought it up... I've gotten into several arguments about it to date. The fact that hardly anyone sees it coming- That worries me tremendously. WTH are they thinking? I don't think they *are* thinking...

It was the same way with the GMO cr at p. *Way* before it all hit critical mass, I travelled up and down the state of Florida, speaking to grocery store produce buyers and store managers, farmers at Southern SAWG and FOG conferences and anyone else I thought I could get to listen, attempting to let them know it was coming and mobilize them against it. And boy, did I catch a lot of flak from some of the ego-driven and entrenched bozos out there over it.

Now we have GMO entities loose all over the place, contaminating heirloom crops.

I was shocked that, even among the farmers, apparently no one knew about the GMO issue.

Now here we go again. The way things are going, we'll be confined to secretive indoor gardening with Hepa filtered air in order to keep our heirloom seed and/or other crops uncontaminated.

So- Will the members of this group please inform yourselves on this issue?

LISTEN to that video if you haven't already heard it. Forward it to others. Get this word out.

Stepping off the soapbox now-

Stay well,

PS: If there are any members of this list out there who are residing in a Codex country, I hope you will please post and let us know what the effects have been wherever you are. 

Listmembers, 'Thank you' for your patience with me.
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> Are you familiar with the new rules being brought to the world food supply 
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> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmrF9KjlGsc 
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