[permaculture] Permaculture wikis & making a major impact

Jack Rowe jackrowe at tinyorb.net
Wed Dec 23 12:51:31 EST 2009

1. There is no common organisation covering our activities:
We are self-organizing individuals; we are all chiefs (as in 'too 
many chiefs and not enough indians')... using old patterns of 
interaction, this is a deficit... as we adopt new ways of 
relating this becomes one of our major strengths; we are seeds.

2. There is no common worldview characterising our diverse 
The common worldview is a realization that current systems 
converge on disaster; we tend to be able to see underlying 
patterns (not a common ability).

3. We never put forward any kind of common program with shared 
ideology and strategy.
Here we are!

Awful lot of folks working on different facets of the same big 
enchilada to not be a movement. 

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