[permaculture] here we go again-non-accredited teachers?

Steve Read steveread at free.fr
Wed Dec 23 04:39:44 EST 2009

Hallo to all

Thought I would just present the system we got / are further developing in France. 

The PDC's here follow the syllabus mentioned from 1985(?) and uses the Manual / personal stuff to flesh this out and to add in local and cultural stuff;

Having completed a PDC students can then give inbtroductory talks and conferences etc but not teach full design courses unless with a Diploma holder. They can also follow any other PDC for "free", just paying the board and lodging part of the course fee (this was a tradition set up way back in time by Bill Molllison from what I understand). The 2 day introductory courses that PDC certificate holders can give follow a part of the same programe for the 72 hour (minimum) full course, so these 2 days can count as a 'credit' towards the full course if people who followed it want to carry on, ie they start the 3rd day. 

PDC certificate holders can then go on to study for their Diploma of Permaculture Design, a 2 year minimum (normally), tutor supported process that culminates in the student presenting their 'portfolio' of work / study and designs to a group of their peers and at least 2 Diploma holders, the criteria follow what was put into place by B. Mollison et Co, except we have also added in that the student presents their take on how they would lead a full PDC. There is a fast track process for those who tthink they have or are considered to have already the experience and qualification needed, they put together a portfolio and send this through to 2 Diplma holders who then say yes or no to the person passing straight onto the next accrediation event or even setting up a special event.

There is also an Apprenticeship scheme we are busy putting together for PDC cert holders who go on to do a tour of France (and other countries if they wish) of accredited pmC projects where the project holder has a Diploma of PmC Design and at least 5 years design experience ( again this is flexible where someone may have other type of experience / qualifications.) 

We have a forthcoming PmC Teacher training course in January and a part of that will be bringing the syllabus up to date and more French culture orientated, adding in non-violent communicartion and consensus and some other things as core recomended modules. We will also expand the Peoplecare side, looking at designed healthcare systems, especially around childbirth and health building, with the Earthcare adding in some key modules on building etc. We'll also do a general update of it all to add in the very many things that have developed  since the original programme and Designers Manual were produced.

All of this is being done through the medium of the Université Populaire de Permaculture, an open access, non-campus based non-Govt organisation. One of our aims is to try and ensure that there is consistency in both what is taught and the general quality of the PmC courses run in France. 

To the more anarchist orientated free spirits out there understand that this system is designed for the French culture and people, it uses existing French models (the tradition of Université Popluaire's and  the Compagnonage apprenticehip scheme, I haven't presented it as some sort of recommended univerally applicable system, it  isn't. Its also more flexible than I have maybe made it sound! 



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