[permaculture] Manitoba maple and balsam poplar, was Re: Greetings

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Mon Dec 21 23:49:55 EST 2009

Keith Johnson wrote:
> I've used all three trees as chop and drop mulch. They can also provide 
> fodder for goats. Bees use resins from balsam poplar (and other trees) 
> to make propolis. They could also be used for biofuels. Lots of other 
> uses, too.

Thanks Keith. That's prime fodder for the database we have talked about;
Wiki type being just fine for this, Google supplying the more complex 
search capability, through BTW their custom search engines,
i.e. a cse for all the intralinks in the fuels page, intralinks being 
topic pages containing that info and users pages with same.
Install a Google web search dialog box in the fuels page which 
accountholder/editors use to search for plant material with fuel 
potential; cut and paste data from hits returned and browsed
back into the fuels page, and so on. Endless possibilities, thanks
in great part to Google.

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