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Whoops. Meant to send that to myself. Ignore and have a lovely night!
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Put ourselves up on planetary permaculture directory!
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This is the 7th time I've sent this letter to the list without it 
arriving. I'll keep doing this until it arrives. I've checked the 
archives every time and no sign of it.


Sounds like you have a beautiful site with much promise. I'd echo the 
recommendations about chinampas.

Have you linked up with permaculturist / farmer Ian Graham near Hamilton 
(Dundas), Ontario? He's got a 25 acre site there that Peter Bane and I 
have been helping to design over the last three years.

You can watch a video about his work at 

Also these Ontario contacts from the Planetary Permaculture Directory [ 
http://permacultureactivist.net/pcresources/NorthAmerica.htm ] may be 
useful to you. Consider getting yourself listed there, too (ditto to the 
rest of you on the list if you aren't already).:

*Ecology Retreat Center
*RR#1 Orangevill-e, Ontario, Canada L9W 2Y8
(519) 941-4560 Fax: (519) 942-3951
(I taught a couple PDCs there with Peter Bane)

EcoEdge Design Ltd., 1058 Whitings Road Unit 11, Torrance, ON P0C 1M0
(416) 455-1969 http://www.ecoedge.ca <http://www.ecoedge.ca/>  
dbarnes at ecoedge.ca <mailto:dbarnes at ecoedge.ca>
Permaculture Reflections permaculturetokyo.blogspot.com 
(Doug Barnes has attended a few workshops at Ian Graham's and is a very 
active permaculture designer / teacher

*Permaculture Community Action Worknet
*Richard Griffith, President, founder, 104 Bridlwood Blvd., Agincourt, 
Ontario, Canada, ON M1T 1R1
Phone (416) 497-5746  mulchman at web.net    http://www.web.net/~mulchman/ 
(Richard co-taught with us in Canada)

*Permaculture Canada*  permaculturecanada.ca 
The mission of Permaculture Canada is to facilitate information flow and 
networking among permaculture practitioners and those interested in 
learning more about permaculture across Canada.
Additionally, it is our goal to create online learning, presentation, 
community development and information sharing tools for anyone involved 
in or interested in permaculture or any of the specific areas of 
sustainable design that permaculture encompasses.
Contact Jennifer Osborn, 5060 Jones Vaseline, Guelph,Ontario N1H 6H8


Keith Johnson
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