[permaculture] movies about design

Andrew French alienbuddha at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 14:06:18 EST 2009

I just watched a movie called Objectified and I found it somewhat
interesting. There are many ideas about design and what it means to be
a designer, but in the context of the movie it mostly applied to
things, SKUs if you will. One designer, Dieter Rams I believe, had a
couple of interesting things to say. He implied that if had to do
something else in this life he wouldn't be a designer of things, he
would be a designer of community, landscapes, something to that
effect, and that is because we need to be designing for survival at
this point. I agree with him in that regard. Aesthetics as the primary
driving point in design is certainly irresponsible in these times of
resource scarcity. I would absolutely love to watch a movie about
designers addressing reusing and recycling resources using
permaculture and other design methodologies.


Any other good films about design out there?

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