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Comparison of farming systems:
SANET-MG Archives -- November 2002 (#70)
Subject:	 Re: farming systems comparison
From:	Keith Addison <[log in to unmask]>
Date:	Thu, 7 Nov 2002 01:31:31 +0900

 >I am looking for a piece that makes a clear comparison between
 >ecological farming systems. These are the systems I am aware of
 >so far:

 >organic farming (IFOAM, Rodale, etc.)
 >biodynamic farming (Steiner, Pfeiffer, et. al.)
 >biointensive farming (John Jeavons, Ecology Action, etc.)
 >natural farming (Fukuoka)
 >agroecology (Altierri et al)
 >permaculture (Mollison)
 >ecological synergy (Kuntz)
 >integrated biological systems (?)

We've been talking more of integrated farms than organic farms these
days. I'd be interested to know who else is using the term.

 >Is there a piece or collection somewhere I can download which can
 >give me a good summary of the similarities and differences among
 >the systems above, as well as other systematic farming approaches
 >that claim to be ecological?

Do you know the ATTRA guides? These two provide some comparisons.

"Biodynamic Farming & Compost Preparation -- Alternative Farming
Systems Guide" from Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas
(ATTRA), by Steve Diver, ATTRA Technical Specialist. Biodynamic
agriculture is an advanced organic farming system that is gaining
increasing attention for its emphasis on food quality and soil
health. Good overview of Biodynamics -- what it is, how it differs
from other organic systems, how it works, with an interesting set of
appendices comparing the Biodynamics paradigm with other farming
systems: traditional, organic and conventional. Contacts, resources,
further reading.

"Introduction to Permaculture: Concepts and Resources -- Alternative
Farming Systems" from Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas
(ATTRA), by Steve Diver, ATTRA Technical Specialist. A central theme
in permaculture is the design of ecological landscapes that produce
food. But permaculture entails more than just food production.
Permaculture design concepts are applicable to urban as well as rural
settings, and are appropriate for single households as well as whole
farms and villages. This is a good introduction to permaculture, what
it means and how to use it -- it was formerly The Permaculture FAQ.

You should find more helpful info at ATTRA (I always do!).



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