[permaculture] Large scale farming - sustainable? Profitable?

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Sun Dec 20 23:23:10 EST 2009

Lee Flier wrote:
> This could be a fun exercise to get all our brains working.
> Mollison defines "sustainable" thusly: "A sustainable system is one that 
> can produce or store as much or more energy over its lifetime as it 
> takes to create and maintain it."
> Of course some people are going to be pedantic and say that such a thing 
> isn't physically possible, which technically, it isn't. :)  But as a 
> practical matter, the energy from the sun, wind, gravity, etc. is "free" 
> so far as we are concerned.  So it is indeed possible to create 
> sustainable systems.

All of us reading and posting to Lee's excellent new thread (and BTW 
keep the subject line unchanged and not highjack the discussion) really 
need to read an identical thread at Paul Wheaton's permies.com.
Here are the primary URLs for those threads and sample of feedback.

Its up to 2 pages of input so far.

"A lot of the permaculture systems that I've looked at seem to be 
smaller scale: a garden, a home, a plot of land that somebody runs to 
feed their family or as a hobby. Many of them have successfully created 
healthy, sustainable ecosystems, but I haven't seen one yet that is 
economically successful as well. What examples have you found of larger 
farms that can pay their mortgage based on the yield from their 
permaculture establishment? Are there well-known examples?"
"I'm talking about starting from scratch......is it possible to buy some 
land, pay the mortgage and the bills and create enough income from it to 

Top level group: farm income

This is well worth reading and participating in. This forum and others 
there in the ag arena are going places!

dirtfarmer out...

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