[permaculture] any biologists out there?

paul wheaton paul at richsoil.com
Sun Dec 20 00:42:21 EST 2009

Well, a year ago I would have never thought to ask about any of this.
And when I brought it up before a solar hot water demo about three
months ago, I was sorta shamed into shutting up.  Reasoning was:  A)
The gub'mint is always trying to take away our liberties and I must
have been brainwashed by the gub'mint, and B) Lots of folks have been
using this sort of thing for years and not a one has ever complained
about anything of the sort.

I ain't sore about it.  I just wanna figure out what it takes to do
the super simple approach that everybody else is doing without getting

Now we're learning that there are very real things to be concerned
about.  And the information appears to suggest that a lot of people
are getting sick, but they don't know that it is related to this.

I'm glad that we're having this discussion!  Powerfully educational!

Once we get our heads wrapped around the particulars, we might be able
to figure out solutions so that existing simple systems can work

> Sometimes simple isn't the right solution. The various water borne
> diseases are a serious matter. Personally, I would not necessarily take
> a chance with the popular simple solutions unless I could come up with
> mods that ensured safety of use. Not to say that they wouldn't be safe
> as designed and used. HS Tarm wood Danish fired boilers send very hot
> water into a huge tank for long term storage. Into this is immersed a
> heat exchanger with cold i and hot out ports for clean DHW. I think
> contamination from pathogen growth occurs when the system is stagnant
> for long periods or successive short periods. during which the microbes
> can incubate and propagate.

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