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Sat Dec 19 17:24:37 EST 2009

Hi Vladislav,

I will be in Berkeley all next week and would like to visit your new campus.
You can reach me at goldenlove at cruzio.com



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There has apparently been a bit of interest in my company.  I want to
state very clearly two things:

- All our instructors very clearly meet the requirements set out by
Bill Mollison.

- I have absolutely no desire to get involved in the politics of this

Some people love us, some people don't like us -- that's the nature of
in this world.  Those who agree with our mission join us, those who don't
agree, go elsewhere.

Our mission is to take permaculture mainstream -- plain and simple.  We
reach a
very different audience of people than most schools out there;  and
since most of
our clients have little idea of who the people behind this movement
are, posting
instructor's names serves little practical purpose whatsoever.

If you're seeking to attack us, don't bother -- you won't get far.  If
you want to
collaborate creatively and really find ways to take this movement mainstream
my door is wide open.   We're working for the *very* same goals at the end
the day.

Although I travel a lot, I am mostly based in Berkeley, CA and happy to show
anyone local our new downtown Berkeley campus and talk more about what
we're doing.

Much love and gratitude to each of you for the work you're doing in the


Vladislav Davidzon, CEO + Founder
Common Circle Education
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