[permaculture] Greetings

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Sat Dec 19 16:25:37 EST 2009

Travis writes:
-> Lawrence, thanks for the list of uses for those species. I've 
-definetly thought along the same lines. As to your suggestion of 
-starting a plant nursery, there is a native plant nursery 2 km's down 
-the road so I don't think I want to 'cut their grass'  and start my own 
-nursery. There may be a possibility of some sort of consignment deal 
-with them to provide plant stock that they don't have.

This is a good plan to consider for extra income from nursery stock.
You could be a subcontractor for them. Contract grow out of
field-grown stock, B&B or container growout or produce liners or 
seedlings for them from seed or cuttings using open site, lath house or 
greenhouse. I expect you would broaden the range of plant material they 
could sell and they would be glad to have you there as a reliable source 
of nursery stock, from their inventory list and/or yours.

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