[permaculture] teaching offer "QUALITY CONTROL" and "INTERNAL ASSEMENTS".

Michael Pilarski friendsofthetrees at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 19 05:47:23 EST 2009

Hi Deston,

I am just moseying through some of the neglected emails of late and just read your long rant.  

Good stuff.  Thanks,

this ibiblio list serve certainly gives a person lots to read and some interesting threads but it is a lot to keep up with and just a small portion of the permaculture movement which is a small portion of the movement for earth sanity.  

I was thinking to invite you to stop by my July 12-25 permaculture design course for a couple days and contribute a couple sessions.  Low pay, but a chance to work at a course.  

What are the bits of the curriculum that you feel you'd like to do?  

Guest instructors get some class time. but one of the reasons I bring them in, is so that students can talk to them in private and at dinner, etc.  The spaces in between the sessions is also important. another thing I like guest instructors to do is  helping design teams figure things out.  



July 12-25. Methow Valley.
Two-week Permaculture Design Course. Skalitude Retreat Center, 
Michael Pilarski and other instructors.  The main focus is learning permaculture principles and design methodology. The principles and methodology, once learned, can be applied and adapted  to any site. Each site and each client are unique. No cookie-cutter solutions.  The course covers the traditional Mollison permaculture curriculum as well as lots of local knowledge. The species and techniques will be aimed at the interior Pacific Northwest which includes North-central Washington, Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon, Idaho, Western Montana and southern Interior British Columbia.  

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