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I know, and I agree with you 100% that getting outside is far and away better, but Isabel- 

Just think of the way it could help to shorten the learning curve, or circumvent subjecting the farm produce and livestock to successive seasons of ineffective theories. I wouldn't mind at all if playing a game saved me 3 years of crop reduction or failure.

I think such a game could be a great teaching tool. Also, there are many city folk who would love using it as an advance practice ground for future moves back to the land. Sort of a way to help plan your dream.

I think that playing such a game would teach the players that being steward of a farm doesn't just consist of what they've imagined or read in books- And it's also a way to get one step closer to the land.

Plus, it would also function to increase awareness of what a farmer has to do to get that food onto the urban table. 

I do think it would be a *great* tool for consumer education.

I also think whoever worked the game out would be far better a comprehensive Permaculturist for having done so. For that reason alone, I'd want to be in on programming it.

Anybody know what programming language these things are written in? :-)


Linda :)
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> OMG, LOL, y'all, that's too funny and more than just a little scary- and I'm a techie!Just go outside, or bop on over to your friend's permie site-It's more 
> fun, healthier and you get outside and away from the screen! 
> 'dohi' Isabel 
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