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Udan Farm udanfarm at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 18 12:07:45 EST 2009

Welcome to the list!

You might want to read up on chinampas if you have that much water, or you might want to just plant perennials-you don't want to be tilling in a floodplain. 

Just to be clear, some of us Permaculture folk disagree (nicely) with Lawrence's statement "You can prep your ground with a tractor and appropriate implements. Making raised beds by hand by double digging or some variant of that is an excellent way to create productive soil."
We use cardboard, mulch and manure, no digging.

Glad to see you already know you should START Small, but have an overall plan. That's a mighty lot of work, and you may want to think about opening it up to having more people on the land in whatever way (Community, Eco-village, WWOOF'ers, etc.) to get that vision realized. 
If we had to do something over again...we would have worked on the farm for some time before we moved onto it-it was 100% trees and we lived in tent/camper for 1.5 years!
I'd say be sure to have a PDC under your belt and a few friends :) that you can ask permaculture questions of...and know where your water flows!
The Pros are: We've made small interventions and observed, and gotten to know the place for 3.5 years, and only this last spring did we start doing larger things (fence for animals) clearing a few larger areas..It's all working out pretty well for us. Nature is flexible...
Sounds like you have a great place and some good vision!Happy Homesteading!


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