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Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Fri Dec 18 01:55:16 EST 2009

Armed With A Mind Armed With A Mind wrote:
 > The vegetation is split up into about 30 acres of young forest, and 
70 acres of hay (alfalfa and, timothy mostly) The dominant tree species 
are (in general order of most to least prominent) eastern white cedar, 
white (paper) birch, balsam poplar, white ash, american beech, basswood, 
large tooth aspen, the ever-opportunistic european buckthorn, a pure 
stand of scots pine that is being decimated by disease , and a few 
windbreak rows of mature sugar maple. Other notable tree populations are 
willow, staghorn sumac, , manitoba maple, wild apple.

How lucky you are. That is a garden of eden.

1) eastern white cedar
prime #1 furniture and homestead building lumber
2) white (paper) birch
furniture, firewood, charcoal for tool blacksmithing
(Japanese use this and red pine)
3) balsam poplar
sounds interesting - what is it, uses? if its poplar then it is a
prime furniture base lumber (drawers bottoms and sides, it is very stable)
4) white ash
prime #1 select furniture lumber and wood for tool handles,
scythe snaths
5) american beech
prime #1 furniture lumber
6) basswood
prime #1 furniture and musical instrument lumber
7) large tooth aspen
probably same uses as birch
8) the ever-opportunistic european buckthorn
food supplement, medicine?
9) few windbreak rows of mature sugar maple
10) willow
basketry and other homestead uses (see Foxfire Book editions)
11) staghorn sumac
tea and herbal medicine, vitamin C
12) manitoba maple
furniture & tool handles, not familiar with this variety of maple
13) wild apple
food or grafting rootstock, wildlife or livestock food
is this a real apple?

 > The dominant bushes/shrubs/brambles are choke cherry, dogwood (oh if
 > only I could market dogwood I'd be free of money troubles), wild

Dogwood is very fine wood for tools (mallets and commanders) and tool 
handles - supposedly bad luck to cut one down; is the NC state flower

 > raspberry, gooseberry, blackberry, wild grape, black currant, and I've
 > found one highbush cranberry next to one black locust that is

Excellent food for your larder and to sell fresh or in value added 
products, jams and jellies, preserves, conserves, dried, in pastries ...

14) wild strawberry
very rare and especially delicious cash crop- these fruits have the 
definitive strawberry flavor - make into preserves $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
propagate and grow more - sell plants to gardeners or mail order
15) aster
cut flower, seeds
16) bracken fern
ornamental potted plant or for native plant garden, harvest sustainable 
or from your nursery - start a native ornamental and food plant nursery
17) poison ivy
no comment
18) thistle
wildlife food, pollen
19) jewel weed
excellent to tread poison ivy and oak, do a U Pick in season or harvest 
to sell to an herbalist to make tincture (refrigerated)
20) asparagus
highly sought after cash market crop, sell crowns to gardeners
21) cattails
22) black eyed susan
cut flowers, seeds
23) cattails
food and sell as potted plants
24) watercress
highly saleable cash crop for market

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