[permaculture] Permaculture Going Wild

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Thu Dec 17 14:26:38 EST 2009

Tripp Tibbetts wrote:

> Your post was pretty confusing.  Or rather, confused.

Was a text formatting problem, a matter of separating quoted text from 
replies. When I reply, sometimes the quoted text lacks line any breaks
so I copy and paste into another email message and its gets properly 
formatted but without the quote marks in the right place; I get tired of
reformatting and typing columns of >'s.

My reply was clear though:

Permaculture is already free and open to anyone. Get busy, practice 
permaculture, nobody's in your way. Form your own groups, guilds, 
communities, practice and teach permaculture as fits your needs for the 
bioregion you're in. Its just that you'll do it beter following 
Mollison's ideas and methods as a starting point, go from there. That's 
why the STANDARDS needs to be upheld and preserved so others will have 
the best STARTING POINT that is available. Then improve on it. This just 
seems obvious.

> What issues were you involved in activism for?
> Anti-war? Tax reform? Free Tibet? Fund raising for low income people?
> Municipal landscapes, parks and community gardens, urban neighborhood 
> farms? Providing healthcare for the needy?

I am still curious what causes you were involved with as an activist.

During the early 60's when the civil rights movement was in full swing,
I had friends who were actively involved in demonstrations that went on 
in my home town and on marches elsewhere in the South. One friend
who played football when he was in school at UNC participated in a sit 
in at a restaurant outside town. He was titting with others near the 
doorway and the owner, a woman, came out, straddled his head, pulled up 
her dress and took a pee on his head. Didn't phase him. I was not 
involved in any activist demonstrations, then or since. In the case of 
union organizing, especially in industrialized cities, it is reputedly 
almost mandatory and gets results whereas in the case of enviro activism 
that gets out of control and causes property damage, I think those folks 
should have stayed at home and blogged or twitted (2nd nature to some)
and that the worst offenders at those events were probably agents 
provocateurs or thugs put there for that purpose of making the peaceful 
activists look bad.

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