[permaculture] Additional software I can add at ibiblio for our use as a companion forum with different and enhanced features- any interest?

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Thu Dec 17 14:02:57 EST 2009

paul wheaton wrote:

> The simple machines forum software you are suggesting is exactly what
> I use at permies.com.
> While this list has 923 members, the forums at permies.com currently
> has 5012 members.  For the month of october, the forums at permies.com
> had 29,150 unique visitors - the difference being that there are a lot
> of people that read and don't post.
> (we've actually had over 25,000 member accounts, but I've deleted most
> of the accounts under suspicion of them being spam accounts)

That is the forum software to use or BBPress from Wordpress as an 
alternate or even add-on. I am really impress with Simple Machines and 
it is open source; a great software project. How did you deal with 
linking the install to a MySQL database, i.e the tables, etc.?

I am interested in this as a small forum, limited in purpose, i.e.
very on topic and well focused on permaculture, exactly like this list,
no endless threads about eco dog food, for example. Registrations for an 
account must be approved, not automatic and 
wait-and-see-if-they-are-spammers-then-delete-them; I will probably 
limit access to those who are already subscribed to this list and to 
those recommended by list members or ones I know already; I can use the 
email ID they  provide to make sure of that; this automatically prevents 
access by spammers. So, around 1000 users max.

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