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Wow. What a breath of fresh air :-).

Thanks for posting, Deston :-).

Got any pix of your forest garden or barn/cottage (if you wouldn't mind posting them)?

It would be great to see what a deliberately-functioning forest garden looks like and simultaneously get a narration on it from its co-creator.

I was blessed to  spend some time in Peru years ago, and one of the things which I found very fascinating in Cuzco was the number of city households who raised chickens on their balconies, or had hugely dense container gardens on their balconies. One lady had a tame pet deer living in her house with her right in the middle of town (a housedeer, lol). 

In the rural hillside areas around Cuzco (where I hiked all over the place), almost everywhere you looked in the woods, someone had planted a vegetable plant of some kind which was sitting there and producing in an often-shallow bowl depression, or a crevice in the rocks where some soil had collected. It was fascinating and very, very cool.

Thanks again for posting :-).


Linda :-)
PS: Larry, I hope you will install that other software- I'm looking forward to it. The machinist forum model is very cool.
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