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Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Thu Dec 17 01:09:55 EST 2009

Vladislav Davidzon wrote:
> Folks,

A little feedback from folks about this fellow's activities. Buyer 
beware! This should settle any confusion about what CC is all about; 
$$$$ and use PC to get there.

Gouged! - by the Portland "Peace and Justice" Center 	07.Mar.2006 17:16
Linda Scott 	pianositter at aol.com 	link

I registered for a bike tour and paid the "non-refundable" application 
fee. By return post came a whole set of previously unmentioned 
requirements, including rude and intrusive health questions that should 
never be asked by anyone but a doctor. When I protested, I was told I 
couldn't go on the tour without answering the questions and abiding by 
all of their previously-unmentioned rules. This business, owned by sole 
propietor Vladislav Davidzon, touts values like "we encourage 
individuals to act to improve their personal well-being" and "every 
human beig deserves a say in the decisions that affect heir lives and 
not be subject to the will of another". I am pissed that Mr. Davidzon 
gets to keep my $120 and I get nothing. I am researching the legality of 
this and hope to sue to either get my $120 back or be given a bike tour 
- sans the "drop your pants and bend over" prelude.

What a hoot!
portland peace and justice has lost my support 	03.Aug.2006 12:20
sadder but wiser 	link

Huge scam. huge huge huge HUGE scam. A waste of time and money. 
Vladislav Davidzon is a slimy bag of poisonous non-organic fertilizer 
for getting a whole bunch of suckers like me to pay him $500+ to go 
camping with him and rip us off with a sub par disorganized version of 
WWOOF'ing. All this to raise funds for his political candidates. even if 
you support his political agenda, it's highly deceptive business 
practice. And the trip itself isn't worth the price you pay. So if you 
avoided this tour, thank your lucky stars. Hopefuly I can get some sort 
of refund; this wasn't anything like the cool service learning trip that 
was advertised. I am highly disappointed and wish to make sense of this 
all. I guess in the end I've learned to be a lot more careful and that 
even people who claim to promote progressive and sustainable causes can 
still be deceptive and take advantage of others.


Sadder but Wiser

Would you like to tell a stranger? 	08.Mar.2006 20:53
Linda Scott 	link

I declined to share the following information with business owner 
Vladislav Davidzon in order to participate in his bike tour, though I 
did offer to provide a "clean bill of health" from my primary care 

Examples of the type of medical questions (there were 3 pages of them) 
required for participation in the bike tours of the Portland "Peace and 
Justice" Center:

"Have you been in counseling with a psychiatrist, psychologist, guidance 
counselor, or other counselor witin the last two years?"

"Are you currently in counseling or treatment with a conselor, 
psychiatrist, psychologist, or prescribing physician?"

"If no, but you were previously in counseling, when was counseling 

"Please check the appropriate responses that describe the reasons for 
__maintenance of medication
__eating disorder
__substance abuse
__family issues

Summary of those items checked 

...my reaction to this: "It's none of your business."

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