[permaculture] Common Circle Education

Patrick forgeadams at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 16 21:17:35 EST 2009

Hell, I would be stoked if some permaculture instructors could drop the quixotic presentation in order to bring permaculture to a wider audience as long as the course is taught in it's entirety. Mollison (nor i imagine any one on this listerserv) certainly does not want permaculture relegated to the hippy dippy subcultural fringes. Creating as many pedagogical permutations as possible is probably our best likelihood of scaling permaculture up and out. "Mainstreaming" permaculture sounds like a damn daunting, possibly impossible task. We all need to become better teacher/practitioners.


My scarcely informed take on the common circle classes (please correct me if I'm incorrect Vladslav) is an attempt to covertly divert Berzerkeley folks who would be apt to drop multiple K on yoga retreats & the like to a transformative experience (that all PDC's ought to be). 

Honestly success for many permaculturists means consulting for transnational corporations. It's certainly not my pinko cup of tea but lets not rag on Common Circle or others for attempting slick corporate marketing. Bringing permaculture to the monied means clients for experienced designers (I don't mean to sound excessively cynical, I think permaculture is better suited to liberatory municipalism/zapatismo/horizontalidad type transition tactics). That said, I do think that not posting instructors for any course is wack, more transparency is necessary Common Circle!    

Patrick O'Connor 
Oakland, CA


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