[permaculture] Urban Permaculture Question for Evan (was Bogus Permaculturists)

Udan Farm udanfarm at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 16 15:04:36 EST 2009

Evan, I too am curious about Urban Permaculture. We are rural, and I am organizing a course in Atlanta-where there are some great people and things beginning to happen. 
One of my teachers-Patricia Allison, the other day said that Urban Permaculture had a lot to do with not just food and energy, but in people, community and social and political action-to change things in cities. 
That was a great reminder/refresher for me, and now I am really interested in knowing more of what people are doing in cities. Of course Cuba and Rhizome Collective are great examples…
So I'd also be curious to hear what's happening in the Urban Permie world!


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