[permaculture] Common Circle Education

Udan Farm udanfarm at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 16 15:03:13 EST 2009

To Gavin,
Well I for one am impressed at your list of things you have done in so few years! Ah, youth! 
I laughed at Scott's "there are no flies on you'! He's right!
Penny was one of my teachers too! I love her, she's an awesome teacher!
I hope that Mr. Davidzon will find a place on his website to show off the wonderful talent that he has at the school! 
His statement "We do not require 'legitimacy' in order to do our work;" I think I can safely say, concerns many of us.
We work hard to be legitimate permaculturists, and DO take offense at anyone who says they are not worried about presenting permaculture to the world "legitimately."
There is a danger in spreading permaculture to the "mainstream", that it will get watered down, and that more people will use illegitimate means to make large amounts of money off of a system that is meant to be grass-roots and available to most people. Case in point the "University" which is really developers selling condos in Costa Rica.
Maybe a better way to approach him would be to say that there is a lot of collective wisdom in permaculture already and we all agree it is CUSTOMARY to post teacher info, and to not charge too much for classes, or at least if the do to make several scholarship AND work-trade spots available to those without access to cash.

But I am glad you introduced yourself, and am impressed at your work!




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