[permaculture] Diploma and other pc pracatice

Scott Pittman scott at permaculture.org
Wed Dec 16 11:47:26 EST 2009

Several of you have written me off list about the Diploma process.  


The Permaculture Institute does offer diplomas in fields that we can find
advisors/mentors for; which is not an easy task.  We would certainly
appreciate any diplomats writing us who are willing to mentor in the diploma
process.  Our practice has been to have three mentors for each diploma
application.  One mentor will guide the applicant through his process of
providing the right documentation and data and then once satisfied that the
application is worthy of consideration for a diploma to send it on to the
other two diplomats for approval or disapproval.


The application process is contained in the Academy Yearbook on our web site
(click on professional practices).  The process is structured much like the
academic masters degree thesis.  We have established a fee of $200. for the
diploma application and that it all be presented electronically so we don't
wind up with a room of paper.

The mentoring fee is negotiated between the applicant and the mentor for the


If you read the professional practices page on our website you will see that
there is a lot of work still to be done ie develop a list of recommended
teachers of permaculture, and a list of designers.  The Permaculture
Institute is manned by two people and we are limited in our ability to
provide all of the services that we see as necessary.   We do receive help
from board members from time to time.  Anyone out there want to volunteer
for a month or so to do scutt work in an office??  All of this was taken on
when Bill Mollison and I established the Permaculture Institute USA in 1997
in order to take on the task of assuring that permaculture maintains its
high standards and to deal with all of the above which was overwhelming the
Australian Institute.


I hope this helps,


Scott Pittman


Permaculture Institute



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