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paul wheaton paul at richsoil.com
Wed Dec 16 10:16:32 EST 2009

A few of the threads at the permies.com permaculture forums right now:

   No compost in a full-farm eco system
   never prune technique of holzer and fukuoka
   raising the water table reducing desertification.
   poop beast
   What percentage of your own food do you produce?
   a thousand gardens
   what to do with land that has salted up.
   "sustainable" means "barely staying ahead of death"
   Wicking raised bed
   growing apples from seeds vs. cloning
   keeping water unfrozen
   forage for chickens
   hens not laying
   train your chickens/cattle/pigs/dogs/etc.
   $4000 per ham! yes, four thousand dollars
   keeping deer out of your stuff
   Growing large gourds for storage containers
   hang your laundry to dry outside in the winter
   tree bog vs. dry outhouse
   wofati eco building
   french drain pipe - not for water from above?
   earth tubes
   electric kettle vs stove top
   alternative hot water and legionnaires' disease
   tiny air to air heat exchanger
   portable rocket mass heater
   Jean Pain Method
   how to REALLY save energy this winter
   pee powered cars
   best wood for a wooden spoon
   Poplar - good for what?
   biochar vs. hugelkultur
   Living (root) wood bridges

And hundreds more.


And there is still time to get obnoxious permies.com for the holidays:


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