[permaculture] Showing your stuff, & Q.'s on Diploma & work experience

Udan Farm udanfarm at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 16 09:56:38 EST 2009

I guess this is a good wakeup call for everyone who has a website promoting their permaculture skills to post their references, and PDC info, teachers, training etc.
I have some specific questions, because my husband and I are just starting to student teach, and learn...Aren't the diploma program and course note approval programs at Tagari on HOLD until they find another person to do that job?Is there someone giving diplomas here in the US now?If there isn't, should there be? (Another topic for that National Conference!)
What is the BEST way for someone in the US today to become as certified, approved, and diploma'd as possible?
Because what ever it is, we want to pursue it. Keeping the integrity of the PDC is very important to us. The Southeast is chomping at the bit for courses, and we are organizing them as fast as we can.We have two certified and seasoned teachers (Chuck Marsh and Patricia Allison) training us and lead-teaching the courses, Wayne Weiseman is also coming down hopefully, to do a course in September...
So what are everyone's suggestions on how Bob and I should proceed to be the best teachers and course organizers possible?
I just think the best way for those of us who are serious about spreading the word of Permaculture ensure that strange, secretive "main stream" folks don't get much business is to know our stuff and have accreditation and have integrity...and be totally transparent about all of it.


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