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Grifen grifenhope at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 09:08:24 EST 2009

Why don't we create a new shared website representing the international
permaculture community like this one http://www.ipcon.org/ and the
international permaculture council http://www.inpermcou.org/ and perhaps the
chaordic institute http://permacultureinstitute.pbworks.com
<http://permacultureinstitute.pbworks.com/DesignersDise%C3%B1adores> . We
could surely put the cash up between us all...a giving back to the movement?
This could be managed by the group elected in the IP Convergence to carry
the torch for organising the next conference. We could all post content on
it. An international hub, with all of our international agreements,
consensus, protocols etc, forums etc etc. Leading up to the next IPC we
could hear a multitude of voices on various issues and options, policy
statements, protocols etc and take some sound participatory solutions in
Jordan beamed live to all corners of the planet. A vast undertaking - I am
an idealist. Could link to the multitudes of projects, designers, actionists
and pdcs we are running, the diploma systems, the degree programs etc. It
could operate as a permaculture commons, facilitate dialogue on the
permaculture curriculum, certification, etc. It could function to connect
our international learning community, our living universities into a
coherent whole with a diverse complex chaotic order. It might enable us to
develop a shared vision or purpose as a genuine movement, rather than a rag
tag bunch of individuals pretending to change the world with a new way of
thinking, but really perpetuating the same thinking that got us in this mess
in the first place. We could stake a claim to the use of the urls
<http://www.permacultura.org> permacultura.org - Ali?
<http://www.permaculture.org> permaculture.org - Geoff?, permaculture.com
David? permacultura.com <http://www.permacultura.com/>  - and who has that?
Perhaps, in the context of my train of thought, these generous folks might
reconsider their ownership of the word permaculture...and opt for a url like
permaculturachile.org or www.permaculturegas, www.permaculturabrazil.org. If
we don't move with the times, we will be moved in time. 

Love from Chile, 


Grifen Hope


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