[permaculture] Bogus permaculturalists

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Wed Dec 16 04:31:56 EST 2009

Evan Schoepke wrote:
>> Yeah,
> Your right LL.
> May be I should have looked harder... I know there are plenty of scamers out
> there.  Scott has been fighting the good fight on this subject for longer
> than I've even known the term permaculture and so I should trust his
> judgement.

I am always skeptical and do pay attention to you and many others and 
what you're doing but the CC people are so obvious that is really a case 
of erring on the side of caution or outright avoidance. I couldn't 
believe CC's unwillingness to relate to the rest of especially Scott,
considering his position, and history of accomplishments and association 
with Mollison.

So, tell me, what you and your group of friends doing with urban 
permaculture? Teaching, workshops, community gardens? These are things
that I have always wanted to be involved in.


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