[permaculture] Bogus permaculturalists

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Wed Dec 16 02:20:10 EST 2009

Evan Schoepke wrote:
>> Scott,
>> I can't believe your writing a book on metaphysics (AKA hippy woo woo, just
>> joking) I think that's really awesome and can't wait to read it.  Oh and
>> about the common circle folks I think their legit, but I don't know what is
>> with the paranoia around announcing their instructors....

Just to counter any efforts to legitimize those obvious scambags I must 
say again, good grief! Did you read what's been posted so far in this 
thread Evan? It seems that a number of enthusiastic, well intentioned 
folks have wasted money on the bogus PCD course offered by CC.

I got the hell flamed out of me in this list when I did a little
investigative journalism about the bogus pc training group in France,
resulted in a big uproar but people were made aware and through the 
efforts of many good folks were spared the negative consequences
resulting from involvement with that group; they were scamming people 
from all over the world!

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