[permaculture] Robert Waldrop and the gardener's shadow

Robert Waldrop bwaldrop at cox.net
Wed Dec 16 00:33:19 EST 2009

Well. . . about this all I can say is that my observation is that most 
people who study permaculture for a serious length of time get 
progressively busier and as time goes by they cast a wider net 
encompassing their interests, activities, causes, projects, and etc.  
Scott, Toby, Lawrence, Stella, and many others in this conversation and 
elsewhere are also casting "wide shadows", as you put it.  From your 
public and our private conversation, it's obvious you're heading in the 
same direction, "so beware," hehehe.  Or maybe that should be 
bwahahahahaha.  Studying permaculture can be a dangerous affair.  "so 
beware, I tell you 3 times, beware."  Permaculture journeys nearly 
always take unexpected turns that lead us to new places we barely could 
have imagined (on many levels).

But then, rescue work has always been hazardous.

Bob Waldrop, Okie City

Tripp Tibbetts wrote:
> Just want to say very quickly that one of the best things to come of this lengthy discussion on the need for a formal PDC, and the potential existence of spiritual connection to the universe, was my introduction to Bob Waldrop.
> Bob is an extraordinary person doing extraordinary things in Oklahoma City.  We've chatted a few times off-line since I was unusually flippant about a post he made to the thread.  I find it easy to open an email, see the black and white shapes arranged in everyday English syntax, disembodied from every amazing story behind every amazing human comprising the unique cast of characters on this list.  And in so doing, take the chance of offending and belittling people who have enriched the world around them in incalculable ways.  Bob makes me want to slow down and imagine an epic journey of discovery behind each name before I speak.
> In Oklahoma City, Bob Waldrop's generous shadow must truly fall in all directions.
> Bob's new friend,
> Tripp
> The best fertilizer is the gardener's shadow.
> -Chinese proverb

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