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Scott Pittman scott at permaculture.org
Wed Dec 16 00:19:30 EST 2009

Here is the latest response and I doubt that I will get any more.  Just the
paranoia is enough to make me really wonder about this organization.


Anyone live in Berkeley to see if a physical school really exists??


Scott Pittman


Permaculture Institute



Vladislav Response



Hey Scott,


We do not require 'legitimacy' in order to do our work; so when someone
addresses me in the way you did, I tend to be far less willing to volunteer


I also tend to steer clear of the politics of this movement; any information
we provide tends to open us to attack rather than really benefit us in any
meaningful way.


I further deeply value my relationships with the instructors who work for me
and generally do not see any reason to provide their information.  Our
instructors are actually some of the most well-known folks in this movement,
like for example Larry Korn and many others.  


Our mission is to take permaculture mainstream -- plain and simple.  We
reach a very different audience of people than most schools out there;  and
since most of our clients have little idea of who the people behind this
movement are, posting instructor's names serves little practical purpose


If you're seeking to attack us, don't bother -- you won't get far.  If you
want to collaborate creatively and really find ways to take this movement
mainstream my door is wide open.   We're working for the *very* same goals
at the end of the day.


With gratitude,






Vladislav Davidzon

Common Circle Education



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