[permaculture] Common Circle course info? (changed subject line)

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Tue Dec 15 23:53:14 EST 2009

Scott Pittman wrote:
> I sent an email to Common Circle Education and asked them about their
> instructors and who taught their instructors.  I received a very cautious
> reply and hope to hear more.
> I find myself doing this more and more and wish that more pc graduates took
> it upon themselves to protect the integrity of our discipline by questioning
> unknown teachers and organizations.  I certainly don't mine when people
> contact me questioning my bonafides.
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> From: Vladislav - Common Circle [mailto:info at commoncircle.com] 
> Sent: Tuesday, December 15, 2009 8:58 PM
> To: scott at permaculture.org
> Subject: Re: Site Contact Form {5SYQG}
> Hello Scott,
> I am quite curious about the nature of your request and the claim of
> 'legitimacy'.  Could you please give me a bit more information as to the
> nature of these requests?  
> As you are no doubt aware, anyone who does a PDC class is allowed to teach
> permaculture under the guidelines set out by Bill Mollison;  so your
> question about our 'legitimacy' is curious.
> I hold several PDC certificates, one from Bill Mollison directly and we have
> some really well-known instructors who teach for us (I do not teach
> directly).   We do things very differently than any other permaculture
> training center out there -- we're truly committed to taking this work
> mainstream and really reach audiences that traditionally aren't reached by
> this knowledge.
> If you can provide me with more information as to the nature of the request
> that would be helpful and would certainly make me far more willing to answer
> your questions.

Curious why, if he is so committed to spreading permaculture that he 
isn't teaching himself. Obviously he can make lots of money 
($2200/student/whiteshoes leftcoastal interlude-by-bus, immerse thyself 
in sweetness and light and become the perfect snowflake, "permaculture" 
tourist trap) by hiring unqualified flunkies to to all the appointed 
tasks while he languishes in luxury enjoy the fruits of his lucrative scam.

That one needs to be exposed. Thankfully this and other lists, forums, 
websites, blogs and wikis will do just that.

A new Category for permaculture.info: Buyer Awareness

His unwillingness to be forthcoming about the qualifications of his 
staff and their ability to provide instruction worth the price of the 
course is the giveaway.

Write that one off without further delay. This makes three:
the one in France
the one in Costa Rica
and the one in Berkeley


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