[permaculture] Additional software I can add at ibiblio for our use as a companion forum with different and enhanced features- any interest?

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Tue Dec 15 23:03:56 EST 2009

I was reading yet another fascinating, absorbing machinist forum tonight 
and thought to myself that gardeners, market farmers, small farmers and 
permaculturists lack the kind of nice resources that machinists, pro or 
home, use 24/7/365 and this is much needed. Now that out list is up to 
about 923 members now might be a good time to add to this list a 
different kind of forum, one where everything is organized by Subject, 
then thread. Individual messages can have embedded urls which display 
graphics and multimedia in real time as you read, without having to go 
to another browser windor ot tab.

A quote from my post to Michael tonight about this, with links and examples:
I have a new idea for a permaculture and gardening/farming forum system
for us that I will pursue - see this URL to see what it is like and is 
good for. This is a machinist site - they are an exceptionally nice, 
considerate, polite and helpful community of self help folks - 
impressive to say the lease - when I saw this I realized that there 
isn't anything really like this for serious permaculture practitioners 
and gardeners/smal & family farmers/market farmers:
and a topic thread:

What do you think about this for those of us in the permaculture list? 
It would exist at ibiblio side by side with the Wiki and the 
permaculture list as an alternative and companion. Its ability to create 
discrete pages for each thread, with embedded graphics seems like a 
not-to-be-without resource.

The software appears to be free and I could get it installed on ibiblio 
without too much trouble. This is their website:

Simple Machines Forum

Is this worth doing and will enough of us use it to make it worthwhile?

Just think, create a new thread and that generates its own group of 
pages. Each post in each thread can contain embedded graphics or other 
media, i.e. videos, sound, etc. Login t your user account there, go to 
the subject area of your choice, browse the topics being discussed, read 
the ones that interest you and leave the rest; download and archive any 
of this you want, complete with graphics.

Ex. a thread originates on pond building, lots of input from many users 
with pics of their own work, followups, etc etc ad infinitum. A thread
can generate dozens of pages and can go on for years. Q&A on plants, 
i.e. "what is this plant I found out back?'. What do varieties of 
lupines look like. What is a typical root system for clover growing in 
soil with a high rock powder component - pics ensue, discussion unfolds. 
I think this would be much fun. Scans of drawings and blueprints, scans 
of select pages of books and mags, legal of course.

I think this is a must have for us. What do you all think?

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