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Paul Spinrad
POSTED AT 4:26 PM December 15, 2009
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Approaches To A Just World Order

"I was at Columbia the same time that Barack Obama was there-- he was a 
senior when I was a freshman-- and although I never met him, I would 
guess that we have a formative experience in common: Saul Mendlovitz's 
Approaches To A Just World Order" class.

Some upperclassmen pals whom I sang with clued me into this class, which 
had a cult following on campus. It was a huge lecture course out of the 
Political Science department, but people from all majors took it-- and 
that's how Professor Mendlovitz wanted it. The class was basically about 
solving great problems on a global scale, formulating optimal world 
governance-- in other words, Saving The World. Mendlovitz openly 
described his class as indoctrination, and he often repeated this point: 
You young people, sitting in this room, are the leaders of tomorrow. You 
will inherit the world some day, and you will be able to change it and 
make it better. So aim high-- agree that this is what you want to do, 
know that you can, conspire to make it happen, and stay true to your 

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