[permaculture] Help with filtering Clay Sediment in ponds

Kevin Topek ktopek at att.net
Tue Dec 15 11:54:53 EST 2009


Plant the edges of the pond to trap & filter the sediment before it  
reaches the pond. A mulch dam at the main spillways into the pond also  
works wonders. Ponds clear up in a couple of years after the  
vegetation takes hold around the edges.

Kevin Topek

On Dec 15, 2009, at 9:30 AM, chauncey williams wrote:

> Hello,I recently installed 3 rainwater catchment ponds on my  
> property that I would like to use for irrigation, fish, and aquatic  
> plants.  Each time they get filled by rain, no matter how well we  
> clean the source, the ponds still get brown and murky from clay  
> sediment.  Does anyone have successful experience filtering clay  
> sediment out of the water?  All I can think of is a gravel/sand  
> filter that would be hooked up before the water gets to the pond,  
> but my conclusion is that it would get clogged up pretty quick  
> during a rainstorm.  How about filtering the water that is already  
> in the ponds?
> Also have a leak in one pond that required 2 liners to be seamed  
> together with a special tape, any tips regarding how to fix that  
> would be great as well.  Thanks in advance.
> SeanLos Angeles
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