[permaculture] Teachers-what happens to your life and your farm?

Udan Farm udanfarm at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 15 11:51:30 EST 2009

Hi everyone,We would really love input from anyone who has experience teaching PDC's.
My husband is beginning to teach (under two and soon three seasoned teachers) and it is a wonderful thing for us-for him to share his incredible knowledge about permaculture.I wanted to student teach, but have ended up being in the much needed roll of course organizer, advertiser, PR, registration, etc. which I love-it's my THING...so together we make a great team, and our time has come, because the Southeast is really humming about Permaculture..
But my question is this...HOW do you maintain a life, AND your farm, when you are away teaching!We have worked for 3 years to begin this farm, and have created an "Institute" and a vision to go with it, and now Bob is being asked to teach-A LOT, and the farm is too much for me to handle alone.We've had some bad experience with WWOOFers and other frequently rotating help. At this point it looks as if we have to bring people in as a community or quit teaching-and spreading the knowledge is why we get UP every morning!
By no means am I complaining, we are just a bit overwhelmed with how much our life and some big issues are changing for us as we begin to teach, and would like to know how other seasoned teachers incorporated being gone so much into their farm life!
Thank you for the huge collective wise mind that you all are!
'dohi'Isabel Crabtree


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