[permaculture] Help with filtering Clay Sediment in ponds

chauncey williams chaunceyfree at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 15 10:30:20 EST 2009

Hello,I recently installed 3 rainwater catchment ponds on my property that I would like to use for irrigation, fish, and aquatic plants.  Each time they get filled by rain, no matter how well we clean the source, the ponds still get brown and murky from clay sediment.  Does anyone have successful experience filtering clay sediment out of the water?  All I can think of is a gravel/sand filter that would be hooked up before the water gets to the pond, but my conclusion is that it would get clogged up pretty quick during a rainstorm.  How about filtering the water that is already in the ponds?
Also have a leak in one pond that required 2 liners to be seamed together with a special tape, any tips regarding how to fix that would be great as well.  Thanks in advance.
SeanLos Angeles


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