[permaculture] Lupines and their uses.

Dieter Brand diebrand at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 15 05:49:17 EST 2009


I grew 3 small test plots of soya (about 100 m2) which I irrigated. We can get night frost up to about mid-February. I broadcast the seeds in April/May into land I had converted from grass land by mulching 2 years previously. The first didn't germinate, the second was too closely spaced, but in the third plot the plants grew well. I thought that water might be a problem, but since the plants grew well, at least in the third plot, I think it probably has to do with bacteria. I will try again next year with better soil.

The white edible lupines (lupinus albus) are called tremocos, the yellow lupines (lupinus luteus L) are called tremocilhas in Portuguese.


--- On Mon, 12/14/09, Richard Wade <wade at coac.es> wrote:

> Dieter, When you speak of soy and such, are you talking
> about gardening,
> or as a field crop? It seems that soy as an asian inmigrant
> was probably
> more accustuned to more regular water that dryland farming
> here can give
> it especially being a summer annual. How were they grown?
> And when were
> they planted? When is your last frost date?
> Also when you speak of lupins are you referring to
> tremoÇos?
> I can colaborate what you said about the inoculation of the
> rizobium.
> The Med. is full of all kinds of legumes and I would guess
> that the
> bacteria are everywhere and have more than one way of
> surviving with out
> hosts.
> Richard (from Tarragona)


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