[permaculture] Common Circle course info?

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Tue Dec 15 05:38:44 EST 2009

Michael Pilarski wrote:
> Regarding the Common Circle Education permaculture design course offered at their Berkely, Calif new headquarters. mar 20 – apr 4?
> I just checked out their website and the pdc course info and cannot find any mention of who the teachers are for their $2200 pdc in Berkeley, CA. No food or lodging included. 
> nor can I find an email or phone # on their site to contact Common Circle to ask. 
> Does anyone else in the network know them and be willing to offer some information. ?
> Their website mentions a 2009 pdc out of eugene, Oregon which involved touring Lost Valley Center, Dharmalaya Center for Human Development, Maitreya Ecovillage, MattCyn Farms and Sunbow Farm.
> just curious

Sounds like "another one", a very expensive white shoes coastline bus 
tour. Time to summon the official resident P.I. PC junkyard dog to check 
them out and write a letter. This is ridiculous and the very thing that 
should not happen; promoters making huge bucks off "permaculture" 
tourism without having any of the required credentials. This type of 
thing could take root and really have a negative effect on the public 
view of the permaculture movement. Mitch's experience is testament to this.

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