[permaculture] OT ramblings Re: OT Seth

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Mon Dec 14 21:23:20 EST 2009

Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:
> fdnokes at hotmail.com wrote:
> <a lot of polarizing, divisive gibberish>
> can we end the seth thing asap and get back to hands on permaculture
That was unnecessarily harsh, my error. I didn't mean that Frances'
post was gib... but, to me, the Seth thing is very controversial, 
discussion of which could result in endless cascading threads leading 
through meandering foothills to the very slopes of the mountain of 
madness (thanks, HP Lovecraft), straying far from the purpose of this 
list. I think a Stones song included the words, "its the singer, not the 
song". Then Marshall McCluhan wrote something about The Message Is the
Massage. Truthfully, I am as interested in the writings of H.P. 
Lovecraft and his Chuthlu Mythos and other writers of fantasy and 
supernatural tales like A. Blackwood, A. Machen, A. Merritt and others 
as perhaps Frances is with Seth. Irish folk and fairy tales are fulled 
with enchantment, another wonderful adventure in literature. Maybe it is 
my upbringing; my Father was a rare books librarian, historian and opera 
and classical music enthusiast. In the real world, from my perspective, 
little is taken for granted, mystery prevails, wonderment enthralls and 
captivates and you never know where the next wayside shrine is or what 
cool and interesting things await you around the next corner.

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