[permaculture] work - was the gardener's shadow...

Lee Flier leeflier at comcast.net
Mon Dec 14 17:46:19 EST 2009

Mitch Triplett wrote:
> Thanks Lee.  All excellent points.  To try to be more clear...
> My post wasn't directed at you personally.  It was more about the frequency
> with which I hear/read the 'design to recline' maxim vs. something like
> 'make plans to use your hands'.
Yeah.  I guess though that the presumption is that people already know 
that anything to do with gardening, landscaping, forestry, homesteading, 
etc. is a lot of work, as I mentioned. Therefore that the more important 
point is that if we design intelligently and work with natural systems, 
it's *less* work than we usually imagine.

Sure, there are some folks who will get the wrong idea... but I would 
rather see somebody get inspired and fall in love with permaculture, 
even if it appears to be a short lived infatuation, than never to hear 
those maxims at all.  If it gets people thinking that perhaps taking a 
long term approach to design will ultimately result in less work, I 
suspect that's a mindset that will be useful to them at some point, even 
if not in a garden. :)

> It's been fairly obvious over the past weeks that many folks' posts are
> biased toward their particular way of practicing Pc.  Nothing wrong with
> that.

No, definitely not.  It's just good to remind ourselves and each other 
sometimes that we're all working in different situations.

Your property sounds wonderful!  I look forward to hearing more of your 
progress as it goes along. :)

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