[permaculture] WWoof was: work - was the gardener's shadow...

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Mon Dec 14 13:39:12 EST 2009

(head slap with palm of hand)!
I just remembered a topic that I wanted to raise on the list:
Willing workers on organic farms.

This is an organization that is, more or less, world wide, and which 
provides a forum for workers and land owners/managers to connect for 
mutually beneficial arrangments.
I imagine there are people here who have had experience with wwoofers and 
I wonder if this might be an ideal time to introduce the topic.

Also, just as a sidebar to the hard work theme, there is a very interesting 
new book by Malcolm MacDowell called Outliers.  In it, he describes how the 
hard work and hard thought of the rice paddy (along with a language more 
suited to the subject) resulted in excellence in math as a group 
characteristic trait.


 After four years of living here, I just don't see
> any other way of getting us to where we want to be without an enormous
> amount of sweat.  I can't imagine the insane amount of work anyone 
> involved
> in economic-Pc, legal-Pc, etc. must be doing to get their voices heard.
> Yikes.

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