[permaculture] list contributors

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Sun Dec 13 21:53:11 EST 2009

Robert Waldrop wrote:
> How many subscribers does this group have?

After Ed left we have 923.

He should not have wanted to leave. I think discussion of nuts and 
bolts, hands on, practice of permaculture, in the field, would be a good 
thing here, addressing soil and climate conditions wherever subscribers 
live. I have contributed to this with my posts on market farming, 
gardening, double dig, tool info, judicious use of tractor and 
implements, terraforming a site, site maintenance, etc. I am now a 
market farmer managing 5 acres of beds and was previously a landscape 

The Permaculture Wiki (that's what I call permaculture.info) will be a 
great place to store and access tons of useful information we can all 
use. I hope this wiki will develop rapidly.

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