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   Permaculture TV - Permaculture Meeting Monday 1pm

   - Permaculture Meeting Monday 1pm Klimaforum09 <#12589da5e03dcabc_1>
   - Chilling effect of pre-crime in Copenhagen - Preventative Arrests by
   Danish police <#12589da5e03dcabc_2>
   - Climate Scoreboard: Get it while it’s HOT. <#12589da5e03dcabc_3>

  Permaculture Meeting Monday 1pm

Posted: 13 Dec 2009 10:49 AM PST

A meeting for permaculture international planning has been organised by Tony
Andersen. Meet at the Permakultur Denmark stand at 12.30.

*The workshop will discuss the 10 000 Trees Strategy and the future of
International Permaculture Networks. *

[image: Denmark Permakultur]

Chilling effect of pre-crime in Copenhagen - Preventative Arrests by Danish

Posted: 13 Dec 2009 02:36 AM PST

*As seen in this video <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imrV5ycm7fc>,
yesterday, Danish police used what many pereceived, as oppressive and
violent tactics, against peaceful protestors, doing preventative arrests,
the largest arrests in Danish history of close to 1000 activists.*

*Later outside Bella a Greenpeace bloc was also detained. *

Detainees where forced to sit for over 5 hours, without movement or access
to toilets, at the side of the road, in sub-zero Copenhagen conditions.
Close to 1000 often random protestors where detained and processed in such a
fashion. Activists consider these police tactics to be a kind of
state-terrorism against activists, creating a “chilling effect”.

 Video: UK Indymedia <http://www.youtube.com/user/indynessuno>

Source: AP

The term “precrime” refers to events and motives before an offense has been
committed. In pop culture, the word “precrime” was popularized by the 2002
movie Minority Report (film) which was adapted from Sci Fi writings of
author Philip K. Dick (1956 short story “The Minority Report”), as well as
other sources: in the film the plot concerns determining whether or not
someone is planning to commit a crime. The term precrime has also been used
in relation to techniques for so-called “profiling” to determine likelihood
of futures offenses being committed.

Source: The Minority Report <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minority_Report>

Det upptäcks att ett antal ungdomar med besynnerliga hjärnskador, blivit
synska och i och med det kan förutsäga händelser. Detta påvisas genom att
man får veta att deras mammor tagit droger under graviditeten. Några av dem
visar sig kunna förutsäga mord i staden Washington med otrolig, ja ofelbar
precision. Man beslutar sig för att utnyttja detta fenomen - och med det
förhindra morden och arrestera mördarna, innan morden äger rum. För detta
inrättas “Pre-Crime”-gruppen inom polisen, och en av agenterna är John
Anderton (Tom Cruise). Detta fungerar utmärkt och antalet mord går ner mot
noll. Men en dag förutsäger man ett mord begånget av John Anderton. Han
beslutar sig fly och bevisa sin oskuld. Han söker upp den som från början
skapade “Pre-Crime” och söker hjälp om han ska lösa sitt dilemma. Men han
får inga direkta svar och kidnappar därför en av de synska.

Precrime from movie The Minority Report

Climate Scoreboard: Get it while it’s

Posted: 13 Dec 2009 02:06 AM PST

*Climate Scoreboard was developed at the Sustainability
which houses Climate Interactive. <http://climateinteractive.org/> What you
see below is the widget itself. Scroll down to watch the video that explains
the Climate Scoreboard <http://www.climatescoreboard.org>.*

You can see how this can be helpful to evaluate what global mean
temperatures will result from all of the hot air coming out of Copenhagen.

*Watch the Climate Scoreboard video:*

The Climate Scoreboard Video <http://vimeo.com/7901109> from Climate
Interactive <http://vimeo.com/user2239247> on Vimeo <http://vimeo.com>.

Sustainability Institute today launched the Climate Scoreboard, an online
tool that allows the public, journalists and other interested parties to
track progress in the ongoing negotiations to produce an international
climate treaty. The Scoreboard allows users to check, on a daily basis,
whether proposals in the treaty process commit countries to enough
greenhouse gas emissions reductions to achieve widely expressed goals, such
as limiting future warming to 1.5 to 2.0°C (2.7° to 3.6°F) above
pre-industrial temperatures.

The Climate Scoreboard results are delivered as a widget that can be
embedded in media reports, blogs, websites, and Facebook.

The Scoreboard is based on the C-ROADS (Climate Rapid Overview and Decision
Support) computer simulation, which is carefully calibrated to the
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fourth Assessment Report results.
C-ROADS emerged from research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
and allows users to input mitigation proposals for China, India, the US, the
European Union, and other nations and regions. It then simulates these
emissions’ impacts on greenhouse gas concentrations, temperature change,
per-capita emissions, cumulative emissions, sea level rise and other

Dr. Elizabeth Sawin, Climate Interactive Program, Sustainability Institute
bethsawin at sustainer.org — www.climateinteractive.org
+1-802-436-1277 X 103 (office) +1-603-715-0116 (mobile)

Climate Scoreboard Press Release &

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